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Dimension Flemish Twist -Old World Style Modern Look and Material

Dimension Flemish Twist for Recurves and Longbows 


Dimension Flemish Twist bow strings are made using traditional Flemish twist end loop construction along with locally sourced waxes and BCY B55 string and BCY center serving material. These bowstrings are pre-stretched and carefully back twisted to provide a high level of stability and consistency across the entire string bundle. These strings are constructed using  quality build processes and attention to detail that is present in all Dimension strings and cables. The standard build uses 14 strands of BCY B55 string material,  with a nine inch nylon center serving.  Please contact us if you would like to request different options such as string materials, strand counts, center serving size/type and available colors. Integrity Archery Company's one year warranty and tech support are standard.



-BCY B55 String Material 

-9" BCY Nylon or Poly Grip Center Serving 

-Natural, Locally Sourced Waxes 

-Available for Recurve and Long Bows

-14 Strand

-Traditional Look and Feel

 -Consistent Build Process Provides Reliability and Stability 

-2 Color Options 

-One Year Warranty  

-Custom Orders Accepted

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