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Dimension Crossbow-Durability, Consistency And Quality for Crossbows          


Built  to manufacturer specifications and using 28 strands of BCY  D97 material, these string and cable sets provide quality threads for your crossbow

Dimension crossbow string and cable sets are designed, tested and built by bow technicians, archers and bowhunters.

IAC Dimension sets and components are constructed using effective build processes and the attention to detail that is present in all Dimension string and cable builds. The use of  quality BCY string material along with durable serving materials is combined with a multistage twisting and stretching process.  Fine quality tools,  jigs and measurement devices are used throughout the entire build. The end result is the production of a consistent, stable and high quality crossbow string and cable set that is built, designed and expected to send thousands of arrows. A variety of color options are available and Integrity Archery Company's one year warranty and tech support are standard.



-BCY D97 String Material

-BCY Crossbow Center Serving 


-BCY PowerGrip/BCY 62XS Servings In All High Stress Areas 

 Reduces Separation and Greatly Extends String and Cable Life 

-Consistent Build Process Provides Reliability and Stability 

-4 Color Options

-One Year Warranty 

-Custom Orders Accepted

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