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Welcome To Integrity Archery Co.


Mission Statement:

"Integrity Archery Co. Provides Our Customers With Value Through the Manufacture, Testing, Demonstration, Field Use , Fair Pricing and Unbiased Review of Archery and Hunting Equipment. This Value Will be Enhanced by Educational and Informative Materials Designed to Assist the Novice as well as the Experienced Archer.

All Operations conducted by Integrity Archery Co, Will Strive to Enhance, Promote and Encourage the Positive Image, Sustainability and Growth of the Sport of Archery and the Archery Industry as A Whole"




Integrity Archery Company is focused on providing honest and excellent customer service. We strive to provide the best in our products, technical service, education and retail operations.

A primary focus of the company is on product testing and service value. We define value as follows: a high value product or service will be affordable, efficient in use and design, durable and generally live up to it's stated greatness. A product or service of high value may or may not be of the lowest price in its class, the user should enjoy the aesthetic elements and have trust in and enjoy using and operating the product.

Featured Business Elements

-Detailed Archery and Hunting Equipment Demonstration and Review     Videos and Texts

-Online Customer Support

-Archery and Hunting Consultation 

-Product Setup and Use Videos and Texts

-We Specialize in the Installation, Testing and Retail Sale of: Bow Strings, Bow String Accessories, Arrows and Arrow Components

-Custom Bowstrings, Crossbow Strings and Cables       

     60X Custom Strings Dealer

     Dimension Bowstrings- IAC Brand Custom String/Cable Sets 

-Last Chance Archery Products Dealer

-Restoration/Repair of Vintage and/or Heirloom Bows and Equipment

-Bow Setup, Tuning and Repair

-Arrow Building and Repair

-Serving Repair

​For an appointment contact:

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To My Friends and Fellow Archers,

Integrity Archery Company is a West Virginia based bow string building and archery equipment service provider. We also demo, test and review a variety of archery and hunting equipment. Our retail sales operation specializes in bow strings, string accessories along with arrows and arrow building components. Integrity Archery Company was  founded in April of 2020. The company represents the realization of a dream. This dream is based on a lifelong passion for the outdoors, hunting and all shooting sports. A passion recognized at an early age for all things archery and bow hunting related. As many do, I spent most of my life generally being "responsible", while relegating my love for archery and hunting to the hobby realm, I worked a professional job in an outdoor related field, I paid my bills and stayed mostly respectable. As life would have it...things change, priorities change, some opportunities fade away and new opportunities are presented. Life offers the average person only a few chances to do something different, you have to be willing to take those chances.


With another good year in the books, I'm happy that the company is growing and I'm looking forward to more success in 2022. I will continue to respect, learn from and serve my brothers and sisters in the archery stratosphere. I'm greatly looking forward to expanding our technical videos and materials sections along with making additions to our product lines and industry partners throughout the coming year.

I sincerely appreciate your interest in Integrity Archery Company and in the sport of archery in general. I hope to earn your trust, respect and some of your business. In return you will benefit from my attention to detail, insistence on quality and focus on customer service. I treat every customer as I would like to be treated and I respect the fact that dollar bills are hard earned. You will also benefit from my, positive attitude, work ethic and a lifetime of archery and hunting experience. Happy String Stretching to Ya!



Justin  C.


Integrity  Archery Company

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