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Integrity Archery Company 1 Year Warranty


Integrity Archery Company (IAC) warrants for the period of one year from the original purchase date and to the original purchaser, (1) all set up and repair work and (2) all arrows, strings, cables or string/cable sets that have been assembled or manufactured by IAC.

This warranty includes (1) incorrect or incomplete repair or service work. (2) For arrows, strings and other products manufactured or assembled by IAC: incidents of string creep, serving separation and defects in materials or craftsmanship. 

Warranty claims must be assessed, documented and approved by IAC prior to product repair or replacement. Proof of purchase date is required. Customer provided documentation in the form of photos and/or video of poor service, product damage and/or failure will generally be sufficient for warranty claims.


Wear from normal use

Damage from purchaser due to improper product installation or purchaser modification 

Damage due to improper installation, adjustment or use of string accessories such as peeps

Instances of product abuse or misuse including dry fire

All warranty claims will be evaluated on a case by case basis. IAC reserves the right to reject negligent claims or to request additional information as deemed necessary for thorough evaluation.

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