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Cost: $22.00 USD 2021

The Mossy Oak Master Hunter Caliper Release is a basic, low cost caliper style archery release. It was likely designed with the beginning, price conscious or intermediate archer in mind. The device appears up to these tasks and also could be of use to more advanced archers as a lightweight back up or an affordable practice release. It is reasonably solid and is rated for use on bows with a maximum draw weight of 80 pounds or less. The manufacturer weight rating suggests that this release is more capable than I would have expected based on my initial impression. It can be used by left or right-handed archers and this size model should be comfortable for most small to medium sized archers and some larger ones depending on hand size and personal preference. The manufacturing process is good for a product at this price point, and the device shows no signs of significant machining or manufacturing flaws. The release does not feature additional adjustability options that are sometimes found on higher priced models. Examples of this are no adjustment options for trigger response tuning and overall length.

Master Hunter Caliper Release Size S/M

Release Head/Trigger Mechanism

The head/trigger mechanism is constructed of metal alloys such as steel and aluminum that are pinned together. The release functions with a dual jaw design and an internal spring mechanism. The 360 degree swiveling head is designed to reduce torque at the D-loop (if installed) or on the bow string. The trigger mechanism is surprisingly smooth and sensitive for a release at this price point. The connection of the release head shaft to the wrist strap is stable and uses an aluminum cylinder looped inside a synthetic leather band.

Release Trigger Mechanism

Wrist Strap/Fitment

The release incorporates an adjustable nylon blended and padded Velcro wrist strap with plastic buckle. It is reasonably comfortable and reasonably well stitched. It appears that the strap and overall length for this particular sized model are best suited for archers aged 6 years old through medium sized adults with average sized hands. For me or anyone like me that falls in the 2XL hand size category, a similar unit # 15315A size L/XL will be a better fit. Unfortunately I did not have this size to review but if I encounter one I'll check it out. I can still shoot the S/M sized release and I could get by with it in a pinch but it is uncomfortable and messes up my anchor points etc..

Size S/M Not For Mutant Sasquatches....But Will Fit Many Others

The image below will give you and idea of how the S/M size release will fit you. The distance from the back of the wrist strap to the trigger is about five inches. For reference a release that fits my hand more comfortably will measure about 6 1/2" from the wrist strap to the trigger. In general if you have larger hands you will want to seek out the L/XL size, If you are a youth, smaller person or prefer a shorter more compact feel and length of pull then go for size S/M.


Overall this caliper release appears to meet the criteria of a medium to high value product. Its low cost is perhaps its greatest asset but to be fair, the device does feel fairly tough and the construction is pretty good. The release does seem like it will hold up to a fair bit of woods or range use and still function smoothly and safely. I wouldn't beat it around too much though and the stitching and nylon will probably be the first thing to go but you should get some good wear out of it first. Only time and use can truly test the reliability and durability of any product, so as I get more customer/personal information over time I will add it to this post or a follow up review. For Those that like Pro and Cons lists and instruction sheets see below.


-Surprisingly smooth and sensitive trigger

-Rated for up to 80 pound bows

-Simple and easy to use

-Two jaw design

-Good Starter/practice release



-Some components lack in quality

-Sizing and proper fitment could be an issue for some archers

-Doesn't have a lot of adjustability options

-Voids in the trigger mechanism could collect dirt and debris and affect device performance over time

Features/Instructions: (Picture)

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